MotoGP, 'Emergency' Safety Commission meeting re the Jerez track

At the end of day one of testing, Franco Uncini will collect the riders' comments, a full resurfacing in time for the 2019 GP is likely


This evening, at the end of day one of testing, an 'emergency' Safety Commission meeting is planned with the riders in order to evaluate the condition of the asphalt. The track was resurfaced in July 2017, but problems soon followed, with sections of the surface crumbling away.

When we raced in the spring, the situation was under control but then I came back to check in July and I immediately saw it had got worse” explains Franco Uncini, FIM circuit manager and Race Direction member.

Uncini had reported the criticalities and the plan was to have new asphalt ready for these tests, but there simply was not time to complete the work The critical areas have been temporarily patched up though.

This evening I will talk to the riders and collect their comments, which I will then refer to the circuit managers” continues Franco.

It is very likely that Jerez will have new asphalt in time for the 2019 Grand Prix.


Translated by Heather Watson

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