MotoGP, Rossi: "The new engines don't resolve our limitations"

"With new tyres it's all OK, but I struggle after a few laps". He then jokes about Morbidelli's performance: "Now it's me asking him for advice"


Yesterday evening, Valentino spoke at length with Mordidelli after the first day of testing with the Yamaha. Looking at today's standings, with Franco 6th and Rossi 9th, the Doctor is quick to joke: “i'll have to ask him for some advice”.

Serious once more, he spoke about day two, during which he has tested the second engine that Yamaha has provided for this Valencia test.

I honestly don't find it very different to the first one, they're very similar - he comments - Yesterday I felt a big difference compared to the engine we've used this season, today not so much. Perhaps the first has a better engine brake and today's better acceleration, but there's not much in it”.

The main problem is another though, as the new components have not helped with the Yamaha's biggest limitation.

With fresh tyres it's all good, but after a few laps we start to suffer and the lap times creep up. That's my impression at least, though we need to carefully analyse the data. In the end, we have improved but our rivals have improved more and so overall this second day was more difficult than yesterday”.

If Rossi had to decide right now which engine to use in 2019 he'd be stuck, but luckily there is still time.

Even to build another one for the February test in Malaysia. Anyway, before we draw any conclusions, next week's test at Jerez is going to be important. Not least because it is different to this one, but also because we struggled during the last race”.

Lastly, the Doctor comments on the new Michelin rear tyre, “nothing fantastic”, and on Bagnaia's performance, “he's already strong, he'll be a tough rival”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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