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MotoGP, Viñales thinks about 2019 and changes number: “I needed a reset"

The Spaniard chases third place in the Championship: “Sunday I'll have to risk everything, I have very little to lose and I much to gain”

MotoGP: Viñales thinks about 2019 and changes number: “I needed a reset"

There is only one Yamaha in the top ten spots of the combined rankings on Friday in Valencia. It is the one ridden by Maverick Viñales, who did the seventh best time behind Andrea Iannone and his Suzuki. Included in the news of the day is the Spaniard, who will change his number next year, going from 25 to 12.

“I’ve been thinking about his change for a year – Maverick revealed – In fact, when I was young and racing in the Conti Cup I used 12, so I actually identify myself more with that number than the one I currently have. So, I wanted to reset, since next season there will be a lot of changes like the engine and a new crew chief on the team.”

In short, the term ‘change’ has become the key word.

When I was 12 years old I won a lot of races, even managing to beat most of my rivals. So, let’s just say that it is also a mental aspect, in the hopes of rediscovering the luck I had in the past.”

Coming back to the present, the Spaniard’s mind is focused on the race. On Sunday, Maverick will be making a play for second place with Rossi.

“I am confident, but there is still a lot to improve – he admitted – In fact, we think that there is margin. Sunday we’ll have to risk everything because I have much to gain and little to lose in this situation.”

In the water, number 25 seems to be rather satisfied with the sensations.

I think it was a positive day. In the warm up in Sepang I also managed to be competitive in similar conditions. Unfortunately, in the afternoon I admit that I struggled, since I had less grip with the tyres and I was lacking a bit of consistency.”

Once the Valencia weekend is over, it will be time to think about the tests.

“There are a lot of aspects to work on. The electronics package is certainly an important component where we’ll need to go forward step by step, but I think the chassis architecture has more of an impact. This represents a determining aspect we need to focus on.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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