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MotoGP, Pernat: “Ducati, what's going on? It's as if you've gone backwards”

“Marquez races with a style that's hard to digest, it reminds me of Simoncelli when the Spaniards used to say he was dangerous”

MotoGP: Pernat: “Ducati, what's going on? It's as if you've gone backwards”

Everyone expected the Ducatis to star in Malaysia, but in the end it was Marc Marquez who once again ruled supreme. It proved to be something up an uphill climb for #93, as he worked to close the gap to Valentino Rossi. The Doctor's crash paved the way to the Honda rider's win, on a day in which Ducati was left watching.

This is what went down at the last round in the words of our very own Carlo Pernat.

There is a saying that goes, “a wonderful defeat is better than a modest podium”. Sepang saw Valentino fight back after the difficulties experienced in Australia. Perhaps the crash was a result of pressure from Marc, but Valentino Rossi has still got it. At this point it would be interesting to understand how Yamaha has returned to this level of competitiveness after Aragon, considering that they believed they had the wrong engine. They've either been very clever or there's something else. In Malaysia Marquez scored his 70th win, he's a spectacular champion, his method of riding goes beyond the laws of physics and is hard for other riders to digest. One example were the collisions in Argentina, he has his own way of racing, one we've never seen before, it reminds me of Marco Simoncelli, when the Spanish riders accused him of being dangerous. How their opinions would change over the years... As for Suzuki, we've definitely seen a step forward with eight podiums, they are a very strong team. It's a pity that Iannone won't be there next year, I think both parties will have regrets. Ducati proved disappointing, both the bikes and the riders, it was like a step back in time. What's happening to the red bike I wonder? Personally, I disagree with Lorenzo's comments about Dovizioso, senseless controversy from a rider who earns 24 million. Bagnaia did well, emphasising the strength of the team and Valentino following his title victory. So well done to Valentino too! As for Vale, I want to clarify something. In last week's column I said that at tracks where you can take risks, he unconsciously does not take risks and you don't even notice. Having said that, I am and always will be a Valentino fan, just so people know”.




Translated by Heather Watson

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