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MotoGP, Lorenzo: "It's not my fault I'm in this situation"

"I feel frustrated, I thought that the situation was better, but I am still in a lot of pain. Saturday morning I'll decide whether or not to continue"

MotoGP: Lorenzo: "It's not my fault I'm in this situation"

Health conditions are keeping Jorge Lorenzo and Ducati on edge. The Majorcan had a complicated Friday at Sepang, so much that he had to reckon with pain in his arm that cause him to finish three seconds behind the best time. Number 99 did not think the situation would be this complicated.

“The situation is difficult – the Majorcan commented – I am frustrated because I did not expect this. In fact, I wanted to be in a better situation here at Sepang because I like the track and Ducati has always been competitive here, but my Friday was not at all simple.”

Apparently, things did not go according to plan.

At this point, all we can do is wait for tomorrow, since we don’t have to take the decision by today. We’ll see if the work done in the mobile clinic improves the situation.”

Someone wondered why he should persist.

“We need to remember that it is not my fault I’m in these conditions – number 99 reminded – I came back quickly in Thailand to be in top shape and on that occasion,  something happened on a technical level that made me crash. Personally, I wanted to be back in the saddle and at the same time get into the rhythm a bit in order to see what results I could achieve. I don’t think that one night will change much, but maybe something will improve, although forcing does not help heal the injury.”

Lorenzo then analysed the problem in detail.

When I’m not riding, I am not in pain. The problem is that the pain is very strong in braking. Personally, I feel better than in Japan, where I couldn’t even do one lap. The fact is that here at Sepang, I can’t force braking and I am too slow in the direction changes.”

The Ducati rider’s ambitions therefore went up in smoke straight away.

“Right now, I cannot afford to risk since I would even be battling for the top ten. You risk when you can make a play for the podium or the win, or the top five positions. Right now, I feel like my physical fitness is at about 60% and the times are clear. With the soft, I could maybe drop below 2’09”, but that wouldn’t change much.”

However, Jorge doesn’t want to throw in the towel too quickly.

In this situation, I am the first to be disappointed because I want to be at 100% fitness and win with the Ducati. I am trying anything and everything and I hope Ducati understands and believes me. I have always had a good relationship with the team and I am sorry to finish this way, although there is still one race left.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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