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MotoGP, After the crash at 300 km/h Zarco plays Beethoven at the airport in Melbourne

The French rider's passion for the piano is known. Here at the Melbourne airport he performed in 'Per Elisa', composed by Ludwig van in 1810

Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube


Sunday he crashed at 300 an hour at the 1st corner of Phillip Island , one of the most dangerous points of the Australian track, after a collision with Marc Marquez. Monday he was quiet, in Melbourne, sitting in front of one of the many pianos put in the airports to allow anyone to play for the passengers.

A musician?

No, of course, it is Johann Zarco, one of the most interesting riders of this generation. "I have not studied piano, I learn by listening and listening again, I go by ear".

The video is by Federico Capelli, media manager of the Alma Pramac Racing team.

Click on the picture to listen to it.



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