MotoGP, Michelin: Phillip Island cannot be taken lightly

In Australia the front tyres will also be asymmetrical. Taramasso: "tyres are stressed in a way we don't see at other tracks"


Phillip Island is one of those tracks that riders love or hate, while for the tyre supplier it represents a significant challenge. Michelin well knows that there is no room for error at the 4448 m Australian track. This GP is an extreme test for tyres, that have to cope with fast turns, particularly the last one where tyres the highest temperature of the season.

At the Phillip Island round, both the rear and front tyres will be asymmetric, just like at the Sachsenring and Valencia. Three compounds are available (soft, medium and hard ) with a harder left side to help with the stress of the fast turns, while the right is softer so that it reaches temperature quickly.

In case of rain, the front tyres are symmetrical, while the rears are asymmetrical, all in a soft or medium compound.

"Phillip Island has a special significance for all involved with Michelin, as it is the one race of the season where we have the title sponsorship, so it feels very much like ‘our’ race -explains manager Piero Taramasso - The track is one of the most challenging throughout the year, it puts stresses on the tyres that we do not see anywhere else. Our tyres need to contend with high lap-times, a very asymmetric layout and some extremely fast corners, so they need to perform at all those levels, as well as having the ability to warm-up quickly, because it can be very cool there, as we have seen in recent seasons."

"This is a circuit we are always very respectful of and one that we don’t take lightly, that is why we have a tyre that is particular to Phillip Island, it is important for us to perform to the best of our ability at this round and we will certainly be doing that.”


Translated by Heather Watson

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