MotoGP, Lorenzo stops after one lap: Japanese GP over

Jorge had to admit defeat during free practice 1, he will not be replaced on the Ducati at Motegi


The Japanese Grand Prix lasted little more than one lap for Jorge Lorenzo, the time to get on his Ducati and return to the box disappointed. The Majorcan had already admitted yesterday that he was: “less optimistic about my chances of racing than I was in Thailand, but I'll try, maybe I'll be surprised”.

That didn't happen and after just a few kilometres, Jorge realised that it wasn't worth it. It was not so much the pain to bother him, as the chances of his left wrist fracture dislocating under the strain of riding. Riding the Desmosedici gave him the answers he was looking for.

Returning to the garage, he sat shaking his head, clearly disappointed. Having spoken with Lorenzo, Davide Tardozzi confirmed: “he can't do it”.

Jorge doesn't give up easily though and spoke with Doctor Michele Zasa from the Clinica Mobile to see whether he would be able to try again in FP2. The doctors unfortunately didn't give him the answer he was hoping for.

His Desmosedici will remain in the garage this weekend, because Michele Pirro is still in Italia.


The news about Lorenzo's retirement from the Japanese Grand Prix was shared on Twitter.



Translated by Heather Watson

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