MotoGP, Lorenzo: worse than we thought, I may not race

Jorge: "the latest X-rays paint a worse picture with respect to Thailand, a risk of bone separation in the wrist" 


The latest blow he suffered at Buriram has left its mark, Jorge Lorenzo sustaining a fractured left wrist after a terrible highside threw him off as he prepared to enter the corner.

The situation appeared to have improved, the Majorcan careful not to do anything to jeopardise the existing injury: “I've trained over the last two weeks to keep in shape and the feeling wasn't bad. The situation wasn't that dramatic but it's hard to understand exactly how my injured wrist is. In Thailand, I wasn't in pain straight after the crash, but then X-rays showed a fracture of my left radius. over the last few days I've tried to stay positive but the pain isn't going away”.

As soon as he got to Japan, Lorenzo decided to take a closer look: “I went straight to hospital to have another wrist X-ray and this has shown that the injury hasn't improve, on the contrary doctors tell me the fracture appears to have worsened. I don't have a good feeling right now”.

Will you try to ride?

“I'll try tomorrow, yes. I'll fight though I don't know how it will go, I need to see whether the pain will get the better of me. The pain doesn't bother me though, anti-inflammatories can help with that. The problem is that there is a risk of the fractured bone separating, which would make things worse and compromise not just this race but also the Australia and Malaysia rounds”.

So what is the plan?

I don't have any problems off the bike, but everything might change when I ride. Like I said, tomorrow I'll try to ride and see how things go. Maybe I can do it, but I know there's a chance I won't be able to. That would be a pity, but there's no point taking risks and ruining the final part of the season".



Translated by Heather Watson

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