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MotoGP, Hamilton and Marquez, united by destiny

Both Lewis and Marc could be crowned champions, one at Austin, the other at Motegi. F1 and MotoGP united in a weekend to remember in the USA and Japan

MotoGP: Hamilton and Marquez, united by destiny


One will race in Japan, the other in Austin. On 21 October, just a few hours apart from each other, Marc Márquez and Lewis Hamilton will be united by the same strange destiny, both with a chance be crowned champion in their respective fields of MotoGP and F1.

There is more than one similarity, seeing as it will be a fifth world title for them both.

For Marc, who won a 125 and Moto2 title, it will actually be his seventh, but the real result is equaling Mick Doohan's five titles, all of which were scored on board a Honda.

For Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, the hero to match is the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio.

Ahead of them are two legends, or rather three: for Marquez, the great Giacomo Agostini with 8 titles in the reigning class (15 overall) and Valentino Rossi on 7 (9 overall).

As for Lewis Hamilton, only Michael Schumacher has achieved more.

So each of them has a challenge to overcome and the right motivation with which to do so, both having age, class and top-level technical equipment on their side.

While winning a title prematurely is a prerogative of the great champion, for Marc and Lewis there's more: Marquez has in fact won two of his four crowns at Motegi, in 2014 and 2016, while Hamilton was already crowned champion in Austin, Texas in 2015.

They are not in for an easy ride though. Both will have to work hard because they have some tough competition.

For the Spaniard, the Ducati pairing, strong at the stop and go Motegi track, and the renewed Yamaha with Rossi and Vinales.

The British driver on the other hands needs to win, in the hope that his team-mate helps him, perhaps placing between Lewis and Vettel; the rest of the combinations are here below.


If he wins he's champion

If he's 2nd and Dovizioso is 3rd or lower

If he's 3rd and Dovizioso is 4th or lower

If he's 4th and Dovizioso is 5th or lower

If he's 5th and Dovizioso is 4th or lower

If he's 6th and Dovizioso is 5th or lower

If he's 7th and Dovizioso is 5th or lower

If he's 8th and Dovizioso is 6th or lower

If he's 9th and Dovizioso is 7th or lower

If he's 10th and Dovizioso is 8th or lower

If he's 11th and Dovizioso is 9th or lower

If he's 12th and Dovizioso is 10th or lower

If he's 13th and Dovizioso is 11th or lower

If he's 14th and Dovizioso is 12th o r lower

If he's 15º and Dovizioso is 13th or lower

If he scores no points and Dovizioso is 14th or lower and Rossi does not win


If he wins and Vettel is not second

If he's second and Vettel is fifth or lower

If he's third and Vettel is seventh or lower


Translated by Heather Watson

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