MotoGP, Dall'Igna: "Ducati will be competitive on Phillip Island"

The Australian round is the final hurdle for the 'Red': "If we are strong, we'll tackle 2019 with a more concrete mentality"


The win got away by a hair, but Gigi Dall’Igna’s expression betrays great satisfaction with Andrea Dovizioso’s second place. In fact, at Buriram, the Italian gave Marc Márquez a run for his money. It was a race where the ‘Red’ once again confirmed its potential. Now there is only on hurdle left, namely the black beast of Phillip Island.

Phillip Island will be the final exam for the team and the bike – the engineer pointed out behind the Sky microphones – I think we will do well and tackle the triple-header with confidence.”

Obviously, mention was made of the 2017 race.

I wouldn’t say that we lost the World Championship there last year, but it contributed to us losing it – Dall’Igna pointed out – If we are strong there as well, we’ll tackle next season with a decidedly more concrete mentality.”

The engineer then went into detail.

It is an atypical track with particular turns which we have not handled extremely well in the past – he admitted – This year there have been significant developments on the Ducati to make it competitive.”

The final comment, on the other hand, concerned the absence of Jorge Lorenzo.

Jorge was not able to ride in this race. He would have been competitive even with the problem with his foot. We expect him to be back on the track soon.”


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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