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MotoGP, Lorenzo attacks Márquez: "He needs to apologise"

Jorge: "He ruined my race and it isn't the first time he has behaved like that. Either he needs to stop or I'll change the way I ride" 

MotoGP: Lorenzo attacks Márquez: "He needs to apologise"

His ambitions went up in smoke a few hundred metres after the start when his Ducati threw him from the saddle to the ground. Jorge Lorenzo took a terrible tumble, so much that it cost him a fracture to his big toe and a plaster cast. The anger is clear on the Majorcan’s face, particularly with Marc Márquez, for having caused him to crash.

“I am not well – Jorge began – I think that Marc could not go into turn 1 at that speed. He went wide and because of the way he went into it, I did not have space to enter it properly. He made a sly move – he continued – because he wanted four or five riders to overtake me. Unfortunately, I crashed and injured my big toe. I have a microfracture on my foot and I don’t know if I’ll be able to race in Thailand.

In short, Lorenzo does not beat around the bush pointing the finger at number 93.

I realise that from the outside looking in you can’t understand the way he overtook me, but we two know how it went – he pointed out – All you see from the outside is that he went into the turn wide, but in all actuality, he made a sly move, like a block going into the corner. At that moment, he thought that I could lose a lot of positions and then he opened the throttle too wide.”

Someone asked Lorenzo if he is thinking of going to Race Direction to ask for an analysis of the incident.

“I won’t go to Race Direction, partly because the images don’t show what happened and that is what makes me most angry. As I said, only he and I know how things happened. Marc knows me well and he knew how I would go into that turn. Among other things, the move he made today is the same as the one in Silverstone 2014 and this year at the Red Bull Ring. The only difference with Austria is that I didn’t end up in the gravel.”

Lorenzo has no intention of letting the issue die – to the contrary.

Marc knows very well how he behaved, and I hope he comes to apologise, because if he doesn’t, I’ll be forced to race in a way that I don’t like to. Races are not won on the first corner and he knows that well. I hope he apologises, because in addition to the fracture on my foot, he ruined the upcoming races for me.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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