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MotoGP, Kallio KTM tester again in 2019

Mika continues to recover following his injury: "it's still early to be back on the bike but I hope to be back to 100% soon"

MotoGP: Kallio KTM tester again in 2019


Mika Kallio will be test rider for KTM again in 2019. The Finnish rider, who is still recovery after injuring himself during the German GP, has visited Austria to put pen to paper and renew his agreement.

Mika has also provided an update as to his physical condition: “I’m doing well with my recovery, and the programme is laid out so I will hopefully be 100% by the time we need to start work for 2019. I’m ahead of schedule but there are also days where I make progress and sometimes when it doesn't feel like much."

Kallio tore ligaments in his right knee.

I’m wearing a splint to protect the knee from bad torsion and I’m working hard on mobility and building up the muscle around the joint again. I have been cycling and can walk without crutches although it is still too early for me to try the bike.”

Translated by Heather Watson

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