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No wildcards allowed in Moto2 in 2019

Some of the new rules introduced by the GP Commission: a standard to prevent manipulation of a rider's engine quota, shorter races in the case of a 'Wet Start Procedure'

Moto2: No wildcards allowed in Moto2 in 2019


The Grand Prix Commission convened at Misano to discuss some changes to the regulation that will be effective immediately and apply to all classes. These are not technical rules, but rather of a sporting nature.

In 2019, there will be no wildcard entries in Moto2. The reasoning behind this is that next year will see a move to Triumph engines and no other championship will use this engine.

No mention is made of test riders for the entered manufacturers, who may be fielded as wildcards, or any new frame builders who may want to compete in races as a test.

As for the sporting regulation, the first change regards the Wet Start Procedure, or rather when the race is declared without the riders having had the opportunity to ride in the wet over the course of the weekend. In this case, riders can complete two sighting laps rather than one, but it is then difficult for teams to top up the fuel. For this reason, in the case of a Wet Start Procedure, the race distance will be reduced by one lap.

The second regards the communication of a change of position penalty to the rider during the race. Up until now, this penalty was shown on the dash and on the pit board for 5 laps. Considering that, potentially, positions can change many times over the course of five laps, the board will only be displayed for 3 laps.

The final change addresses a grey area in the regulation. Teams could manipulate the engine allocation rule, by switching machines within the same team, or with another team. From now on, a substitute or replacement rider cannot be a rider currently contracted to the Championship.

Translated by Heather Watson

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