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MotoGP, Pedrosa: “I'm unable to balance the Honda as I would like”

Dani: “I struggle too much with speed on turns and in acceleration, this problem does not depend on the tracks”

MotoGP: Pedrosa: “I'm unable to balance the Honda as I would like”


There is a Honda between the two Yamahas, and it is Dani Pedrosa's. At Misano, the Spaniard showed signs of vitality, finishing sixth. Despite the placement, the troubling part for him is the gap behind the winner, almost twenty seconds. It is a gap that the Honda rider can't seem to digest.

“We are still far from the leaders – Dani began – We were about six seconds slower. On this track, Ducati has proven to be very competitive, particularly on the straight. This was clear compared to the Hondas and Yamahas. We need to find a better setup – he added – Unfortunately, I don't have the right balance to be competitive.”

Dani then went into detail on the issue.

“I struggle with speed on turns and in acceleration – he admitted – The difference between my bike and the others is certainly big right now.”

Dani does not beat around the bush, nor does he make excuses.

“Right now, the problem is not really the track, but the balance of the bike, as I said. We can also go to a track that is favourable for us, but if we don't resolve this aspect, not much will change.”   


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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