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MotoGP, Márquez: I'd like to make peace with Valentino

Marc speaks with TV8: "I have no problem with him. I realised my mistake. The whistling? It doesn't bother me, but I don't like it"

MotoGP: Márquez: I'd like to make peace with Valentino


The relationship between Márquez and Valentino has for some time now been beyond the limits of a normal rivalry, reaching a heated dislike that leads them to ignore one another when they are standing side by side. This conflict between the two champions began with the events of Sepang 2015, then inflaming this year in Argentina, when a contact between Marc and Rossi caused the latter to crash.

The Spanish rider talked about the relationship with the Doctor in an interview granted to Davide Camicioli and which will be broadcast on TV8 Sunday at 10. “I would like to make peace with Valentino, I don’t have any problem with him” Márquez stated, also admitting his mistakes.

“In Argentina I was wrong, I was penalised, and I realised my mistake. Unfortunately, I made it with Valentino - he explained - I went to the garage to apologise precisely because I was aware that I was wrong.”

The friction between the two dates back to 2015 and Marc learned an important lesson that year.

“I learned to ride with all of that pressure on me - he remembered - In that week I was taking hits from all sides and we riders are human beings. We go 300 kilometres per hour and you clearly cannot ride the same way.”

Márquez got used to that pressure, as he got used to the derisive whistling.

“It doesn’t bother me, but I certainly don’t like it - he said - I am a Barcelona supporter, but if Real Madrid plays better and wins against us, I applaud the adversary. I tell my fans that we are all riders, that after a race, there is another and that life goes on. You know what I would like? A race with all the bikes and riders in white, so you can’t tell who they are he concluded, laughing.


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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