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MotoGP, A pneumothorax slows down Rabat's return

After his crash at Silverstone, the rider was diagnosed with the lung problem at Dr. Mir's clinic, recovery time now longer than expected

MotoGP: A pneumothorax slows down Rabat's return

The bad accident at Silverstone and the fact that the rider was subsequently run over by Morbidelli's bike means that the consequences for unlucky Tito Rabat are stacking up. The Spanish Team Avintia rider was transported to Dr. Mir's Dexeus clinic in Barcelona after undergoing successful surgery to his right leg in Coventry.

The diagnosis given in the UK highlighted 'only' the triple tibia, fibula and femur break but, according to news site, the Spaniard has additional injuries. It appears that, in colliding with Morbidelli's bike, Rabat has also suffered a pneumothorax, or rather a laceration to the pleura, the membrane that surrounds the lungs.

The photos that already showed Rabat on his feet in the hours after his surgery augered well in terms of recovery time, but this latest problem might require another surgical procedure, something that will be evaluated in the coming hours.

A press conference has been arranged for Monday at 12.30, at the Dexeus clinic, with both Dr. Mir and the rider set to attend, Rabat thus speaking to journalists for the first time since the crash. It is likely he will be asked about for details about his recovery plan.

Translated by Heather Watson

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