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MotoGP, Agostini: Silverstone, what a gaffe! But right not to race

The 15-time champ: "It's not like in my day when unfortunately anything would go. Today they are more attentive to safety, and rightly so, the track was unsuitable"

MotoGP: Agostini: Silverstone, what a gaffe! But right not to race


Giacomo Agostini, 15-time world champion, referred to the cancellation of the British Grand Prix " a gaffe”.

“That's how it is - he explains - Silverstone is an historic track, they can't make this kind of bad impression. It rains and you cannot race? In England? The circuit director hadn't made one lap of the track between February and now in the rain? It often rains in England, a director cannot not make a lap to check whether everything is OK".

Ago, who has significant experience as a constructor, goes on to point the finger at the firm that carried out the work.

"I think the customer who put the resurfacing out to tender and those who didn't resurface the track correctly were both at fault. If it had rained when they ran the Formula 1 they would have realised but it didn't go like that. The decision not to race was the right one though. It's no longer like years ago when unfortunately anything would go. Today, they are more attentive to safety, rightly so, and the track was unsuitable. They waited, but it continued to rain. The decision not to race was reached by a majority vote: so it means it was the right thing to do. Of course, those who are strong in the wet or those who perhaps prefer to run one race less were looking out for themselves. Anyway, after six hours of waiting, tension runs high. The rider doesn't know if or when he'll race, it's stressful. The temperature drops, the tyres are cold and struggle to reach temperature. They did well not to race”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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