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MotoGP, Iannone: Racing after Moto2 penalises Suzuki

Andrea explains: “Due to the rubber they leave on the asphalt, we tend to struggle. We exploit the rear too much and lose speed.”

MotoGP: Iannone: Racing after Moto2 penalises Suzuki

Andrea Iannone is seeking redemption after his disappointing recent rounds. Silverstone is the track that brought Suzuki the win two years ago and he is aiming to play a leading role there this year. It will be no simple task, because there are plenty of obstacles.

“Generally, we know that we can always be rather fast up to the race - Andrea began - Unfortunately, then on Sunday something strange always happens where we lack confidence or even speed. Everything seems different and complicated compared to the previous sessions where I was three tenths faster.”

However, Iannone tries to keep morale high.

“I expect a fast Suzuki, but I don't want to create expectations that are too high. We have always been strong here, but this year we struggle in the afternoon.”

Andrea then goes into detail on the issue.

“It is the only time during the weekend when we race after Moto2 and usually we say that we struggle due to the rubber they leave on the track. In the central part of the race, we are competitive. The problem is that, in order to get to that point, we exploit the rear tyre too much. We slide around a lot and I don't have grip and traction to accelerate.”

At Silverstone, however, MotoGP will race after Moto3.

Hopefully this is a positive aspect. We also need to assess and understand the new asphalt. The track had been resurfaced in Spain too and we managed to achieve good sensations. I say this because with good grip, even in terms of electronics, we have fewer problems than usual, especially in tyre management. Otherwise, everything becomes more complicated.”


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