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MotoGP, Dovizioso: "Marquez a perfectionist? He's a shark"

"When he smells blood he can't resist and I think he really wants to beat Ducati at the Red Bull Ring"

MotoGP: Dovizioso: "Marquez a perfectionist? He's a shark"

The two thousandths of a second with which Marquez stole pole position from Dovizioso is the smallest margin since the 2003 German GP. Any other rider would be furious about missing out by so little, but not Andrea.

It doesn't bother me, pole is more about gaining headlines than the race - he smiles - It doesn't matter whether you start first or second”.

Many are expecting tomorrow to be a repeat of last year's Marquez-Dovi duel, though the Spaniard admits he's thinking more about the championship than a race win.

I think he means it, it's what I'm thinking too but it will be hard for him to resist when it comes to the race. He'll reason only so far, because Marc is like a shark when he smells blood, that's just who he is he jokes.

Marquez can at least choose to settle, while Andrea is almost obliged to go on the attack.

Motivation always makes the difference and we're in two different situations. Marc can decide whether or not to risk, while I have to aim to win, also because I have the pace to do so”.

Beating the Ducatis at a track where they have proved unbeatable in the past may be too big a temptation for Marquez to resist.

I think he really wants to beat the Ducatis, not so much to make up for Brno but because we've always won at this track".

Last year you had something extra, how do you see tomorrow playing out?

I know I'm faster than one year ago, but I also have more doubts this time, about the tyres and what strategy to adopt. I also know that Marquez and the Honda are more competitive but I don't know how much more , also because we had few sessions in the dry. I'm also sure that Lorenzo will be up there with us for the duration of the race”.

A difficult situation to interpret, even for an analyst like Dovi.

I think the small details will make the difference. Marquez, Lorenzo and I have the strongest pace, but conditions may well be different tomorrow and so we cannot know who'll have more. The guy who adapts best to the situation will make the difference."

Translated by Heather Watson

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