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MotoGP, Brivio responds to Iannone: “Always treated both riders equally”

The Suzuki team manager: "We only had one 2019 frame available, Rins liked it and we decided to keep it”

MotoGP: Brivio responds to Iannone: “Always treated both riders equally”

Andrea Iannone has been pointing the finger with regard to Suzuki's decisions and a lack of professionalism, but Davide Brivio has been quick to respond, the team manager getting straight to the point.

The first issue was the frame.

We tested a frame from Japan than Guintoli used during the Brno race – recalls Davide - there was only one and we needed it in order to have information ahead of 2019, to understand which direction to take. So we decided to have Alex Rins test it on Monday, despite this not being planned ahead of time”.

Davide expands on this.

Alex tested the frame, he liked it so much that he decided to use it here in Austria. Like I said, we only have one frame available”.

Brivio is asked whether others will be built.

We're already working with a view to 2019 with the rider who will stay, or rather Alex, so I think it's normal to continue the work with him. If we have time, we'll build another frame for the other racesbut I don't know how long that will take”.

Then there's the matter of the fairing.

“We had two available during the Brno test. Andrea crashed and couldn't test it. Only Rins used it, he didn't like it and so it wasn't homologated”.

Lastly, Brivio responds to the accusation that team has demonstrated a lack of professionalism.

I think it's difficult to say that Suzuki does not behave professionally, everything that can bring a benefit is made available to both riders. As I've said, the frame was a special case, in that we were meant to carry out a test and send it back to Japan, but then decided to keep it because the rider liked it”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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