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MotoGP, The strange case of the Yamaha 'catfish'

The Iwata manufacturer tested a new and very different fairing at Brno. But Rossi doesn't like it

MotoGP: The strange case of the Yamaha 'catfish'

At Brno, Yamaha tested a new fairing but Valentino Rossi has immediately rejected it. It therefore won't be used at the Red Bull Ring next week. Also because, if they wanted to do so, they would need to homologate it, wasting the only chance they have this season to introduce new aerodynamics.

The new fairing certainly makes an impression: its minimalist front mudguard in particular, which pairs with the ’windowed’  one (already seen in a race) at the rear wheel.

In all likelihood, this allows for better tyre cooling as well as increasing lifespan.
All of the manufacturers are focusing on tyres after all, trying to get the best out of them and to get them to last as long as possible.

We're less clear about what the long ‘moustache’ is for, clear from the front. Perhaps they have a supporting function, or serve as conveyors.

Without wanting to say something stupid, can you picture the aerodynamic shapes of a current F1 car?

The wind tunnel sometimes provides incredible indications, and a few details can be enough to achieve greater insight or, more simply, conduct more air to the radiators.

Translated by Heather Watson

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