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Dani interviews Pedrosa: in MotoGP I have got to know myself

VIDEO. An interesting Q&A with the Spaniard as he plays the part of both journalist and rider

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What questions would a rider ask if he could interview himself? Pedrosa did just that, in an interesting video in which he is interview by his double. A captivating char, in which the Spaniard rider doesn't hold back as he replies to... himself, as you can see and here in the video here above.

It's only normal that he begins at the start of his career, one which will come to an end this season as he himself announced at the Sachsenring.

I am no longer as innocent as I was at the start, but that's normal because as time goes on you improve and have to continuously renew yourself.  Experience and also age allow you to feel more at ease in situations where you weren't previously, and you have more weapons with which to defend yourself”.

Though Dani is still very young, the championship has changed significantly since his early days.

“Our sport has changed a lot, with the 2-stroke bike it was easy to understand a rider's potential, while it's more complicated with the 4-strokes. What I see is that a rider who starts his career now is busier with events, fans, social networks. Before those things used to come after racing.

The most important thing is that, after a career of almost 20 years, Pedrosa has no regrets.

Each moment is unique and you have to enjoy it to the full. MotoGP is an incredible place in which to know yourself. You experience so many things and everything that happens teaches you something and helps you to know yourself better”.

Dani also jokes about his advancing age.

i like grey hair. It came after an accident: I was in hospital, I went into the operating theatre with no white hairs but when I came out they were there. My barber asked me if I wanted to get rid of them, but I want to keep them”.

He is still unsure as to what he'll do post-retirement.

I have some ideas, but they're only plans for now".

He'll definitely have more time to dedicate to his two favourite sports, aside from motorcycling. Cycling, “There are still more paths for me to explore in the Dolomites”, and windsurfing, “i'd like to go to Hawaii”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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