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MotoGP, Dovizioso: Ducati faster but I'm not happy

"I did not bring home the maximum. The results of Petrucci and Bautista should stimulate us to improve"

MotoGP: Dovizioso: Ducati faster but I'm not happy

It only takes a look at Dovizioso's face to figure out the steaming disappointment and understandable anger swirling around in his head. Yesterday everyone had Andrea on the podium, but instead, the Italian had more of a supporting role in a race where the battle for the top spots was never within his reach. Seeing Petrucci make a play for third in the final laps and Bautista (with the 2017 Desmosedici) staying ahead of him do not contribute to helping the situation.

There are various aspects to assess - he began his analysis - First of all, you cannot forget the past and so many fast Ducatis have never been seen on the Sachsenring: this is confirmation of our improvements. Logically, when you do so well, you always hope for something more.”

And this is where the sour notes begin.

There is a technical reason behind my result - he continued - The DNA of the Ducati has not changed and we are still struggling in the long turns, where you need speed going through the corner. In a race like the one today, where conserving the tyres was fundamental, we suffered from this limitation even more. So, I am not surprised at the results of the Ducatis in general, but I cannot be pleased with my result. I did not bring home the maximum and I lost a lot of seconds, so it's better to look forward.

Andrea goes into more detail, talking about his race strategy.

I tried not to wear the tyres and I paid for it - he explained - I pushed myself and the bike to stay in the lead group and both my body and the bike suffered for the effort, plus I wore out the tyres anyway.

Oddly enough, everyone expected that Petrucci would suffer that fate, due to his weight. Instead, things went differently.

I also thought that Danilo would have a drop in tyre performance. That is something we need to study - he admitted - The race that Petrucci and Bautista rode is interesting. That should motivate us to improve. After a GP like this one, it is very important to interpret what happened correctly.

He'll have two weeks to do it before two races in a row: in Brno and then the friendly Red Bull Ring.

I already said it: this championship is different than the ones in recent years - Dovi warned - In the last two years in Austria, we had a great advantage and, in fact, we won. Now we are faster on the tracks where we struggled, but we no longer have super strength on certain circuits.

Ironically, this is the same analysis that Márquez made on the Honda, when he explained that the weak points have improved, but the strong points have also diminished.

I tend to agree with him - Andrea - The difference between his season and mine is that he has taken points home on almost every track, whereas I have made a lot of mistakes. That said, I expect to be competitive from the next race until the end. We still don't have the situation entirely in hand in terms of the tyres. I don't know if it is because we are not yet 100% sorted or if it is because these tyres are not the best for us. If we are able to improve on this point, we'll be even more competitive, otherwise we will still be in the game.

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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