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SBK, Melandri: the future? I'd have preferred to test the Ducati V4 first

The Italian is not convinced by the manufacturer's decision: "Getting on a bike before signing a contract is always a plus for everyone"

SBK: Melandri: the future? I'd have preferred to test the Ducati V4 first


Misano brings an on-track battle but there's also room for riders market talk. Negotiations are keeping everyone on their toes, one of the big names under discussion is Marco Melandri. The Italian is working on renewing with Ducati but at the same time there are rumours he might move to Yamaha in 2019. The situation is still an unknown and #33 is giving nothing away.

“Right now, as you know, nothing has been decided. I think the situation's stable, many riders are trying to understand who'll take Tom's place in Kawasaki and that will lead to a domino effect”.

You've been linked to Yamaha, and you and Dosoli have a great relationship.  

“We often come into contact, but we've never talked bikes”.

For 2019, Ducati has decided that the V4 will only be tested once contracts are signed. What do you think about this?

“Personally I think it's better for everyone to test the V4 before signing, I've learned this during my career. I say it because if the new bike suits your style then it's a good think for everyone”.   

So where are we with the V4?

“Right now the bike isn't ready, I don't think it will be until late July, as it's only a hybrid for now. There are still components on which to work and develop, one of these is the electronics”.

What bearing does this have on a rider?

“The only thing that counts is the confidence you have when riding on the track. If that works, then nothing else counts”.

What do you think about the Yamaha's competitiveness?

“Considering the regulation, I already knew it would be competitive and the same goes for Honda. Unfortunately Leon's injury weighed heavily there”.

Melandri has clear ideas about his decision-making.

“By Portimao I'd say, or earlier I hope, like late July”.

Back to the track and Friday at Misano proved strange, also due to the rain. Melandri lies seventh.

“unfortunately we lost a session due to rain, also considering the many tyres available we needed more time  We struggled with the new front, we'll see what to do tomorrow”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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