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MotoGP, "Transformer" fairings to be banned from 2019

Not only will it not be possible to add aerodynamic parts, teams will no longer be able to remove or swap parts as they do now

MotoGP: "Transformer" fairings to be banned from 2019

Winged fairings are not going to disappear just yet, but the Grand Prix Commission, having convened at Assen, has decided to further modify the regulation regarding aerodynamic appendages. Currently, manufacturers can homologate one fairing at the start of the season, and one more during the course of the year. To deal with these limitations, engineers have come up with 'modular' fairings, or rather fairings with removable parts so that the aerodynamics can be modified depending on requirements at each track.

The regulation states that parts cannot be added to the fairing, but nothing forbids parts from being removed. Or at least until the end of this season, because as of 2019, not only will it not be possible to add parts, it won't be possible to remove or exchange parts either. Additional limitations will come into effect regarding the size of the appendages, but current fairings already fall within these limits.

Still in the technical field, it has also been decided that, as of 2019, the number of channels that the single ECU can use to receive information from the various components (like the inertial platform for example) will be limited.

One last sporting change regards the Moto3 class. The minimum age limit for the category is 16. However, the winner of the Junior championship (the CEV) can enter at 15 and, as of 2019, the same will apply to the winner of the Rookies Cup.

Translated by Heather Watson

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