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MotoGP, Crutchlow: my strategy paid off

Cal explains: "I slowed down and found myself at the back of the group. Tomorrow will be a fun race for everyone, a little less for the riders maybe"

MotoGP: Crutchlow: my strategy paid off

Among the contenders for a front-row spot, perhaps Cal Crutchlow's name would not have been top of the list, but despite this the Brit managed to get the better of everyone (except Marquez), scoring a very important second place. “I managed the session well, as I didn't want to tow others. I had seven riders behind me so I slowed down in order to lap alone, but in the end I found myself at the back of the group; I think it was a good strategy, though I didn't fully exploit it because when you're behind you copy those in front and so I made a few mistakes as a result”.

Cal thus confirms the special relationship he has with this track.

“I like this track; i think turn six is the most difficult point, as there's good grip at the rear but not at the front, similar for many of us. It's true that other manufacturers have traditionally done better than us at Assen but we're giving it our all and it's great that Honda is now strong again at this track”.

Now only the race remains, and Cal has no intention of letting anyone get away.

“We're all close, ten of us in about half a second. It will be a fun race for everyone, a bit less for us riders. We know that the start is very important, I have to stick with the leading group, also because there may be riders starting from row three who can fight for the podium”.


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