SBK, Single ECU in Supersport as of 2019

The decision has been taken by the SBK Commission: those who want to can start using the new ECU as of Portimao


As of 2019, a new single ECU will be introduced in the Supersport World Championship. The regulatory change has been made by the Superbike Commission, which convened in Barcelona on 15 June.

All bikes will mount the ECU MKE7, produced by Italian firm Mectronik, and those who choose to can start using it as of this year's Portimao round. Next year, that ECU will become the standard and an engine rev limit will be set for everyone.

Another matter discussed during the meeting was the regulation regarding engine switch off on the grid after the sighting lap. In this case, the rider must stay on the bike and raise an arm. It's not possible to try and restart the bike and a steward will accompany the rider off track.


Translated by Heather Watson

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