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MotoGP, The 'perfect' champion:. 1.70m tall and 64 Kg

Some interesting stats compare the builds of MotoGP riders and seek a formula to identify the "average" winner

MotoGP: The 'perfect' champion:. 1.70m tall and 64 Kg

Statistics are not always a dull series of numbers, sometimes they reveal some very interesting facts. Motul has had fun trying to identify the build of a perfect MotoGP champion. Age, height, weight and BMI have been taken into consideration to determine the best average with which to be a winner.

It is often a case of one extreme to the other on the grid, starting with age, from Alex Rins, the youngest at 22 years and 6 months, to the oldest, Valentino Rossi of course, the veteran at 39 years and 4 months.

Then it's onto height, another factor that has a bearing on riding. The shortest riders can count on better aerodynamics, the tallest find it easier to control the bike, thanks to their longer 'levers'. Dani Pedrosa is the smallest at 157 cm, contrasted with Scott Redding, 184 cm tall.

Dani is also the lightest rider, at 51 Kg. At the opposite end of the scale is Redding and also Danilo Petrucci at 78 Kg, weighing almost 50% more than Pedrosa.

The Italian Pramac rider also tops the table when it comes to body mass index (calculated by relating weight to height) with a value of 25.39. The lowest is, once again, Dani.

From all this data, it is revealed that the "average" rider is 28 years and 2 months old, just over 170 cm tall and weighs around 66 kg.

And how about the "perfect" world champion? He won his first title at 21 years and 6 months, is 170 cm tall and weighs 64.4 Kg. Considering that Marc Marquez is 1.69 cm tall and weighs in at 65 kg, the calculations are not far off.

If you recognise yourself in this description, then you're ready to win the MotoGP title. If you're a little shorter, around 165 cm, and weigh about 69 kg, then you're in line with the average Moto2 and Moto3 champions.

Translated by Heather Watson

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