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MotoGP, Iannone: I want to give Suzuki a win

"It's not simply a change of manufacturer with Aprilia, I've made an important commitment. The contract has positives, I believe in the project"

MotoGP: Iannone: I want to give Suzuki a win


During a week that saw a real shake up of the MotoGP grid, Andrea Iannone has confirmed that he too will change manufacturer, moving to Aprilia for an all-Italian pairing. “It's not simply a change of manufacturer - but an important commitment on both my and Aprilia's part. I have a particular contract with very positive aspects, which may not just be limited to the two-year period foreseen. I'm pleased; I believe in the project and the challenge, and I'm not scared about starting over again, I hope to work hard to develop the bike along with Aleix. I'm happy with what they think about me and they are 200% committed, we have the same goal and I'm not worried”.

Then it's back to the present, #29 in a strong position right now.

“We need to continue working as we have been doing to develop the bike. I'd like to win a race with the Suzuki and round out the season positively. I get on well with the bike and the team, we'll try to improve session after session”.

He can't have liked the fact he wasn't retained by the Hamamatsu manufacturer; a situation that has similarities with what happened to him in Ducati.

“I'm not so presumptuous to say that they'll regret it. In any case, what's done is done, we need to focus on the fact we have more than half a championship in front of us, during which to develop a bike capable of winning in the future. In Ducati I never went without anything thanks to Gigi, he continued to have me work on development and gave me all the material right to the end. I hope it's the same in Suzuki. The move doesn't change my motivation and desire to win”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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