MotoGP, Marquez and Lorenzo to make up Honda's future battleship

Official confirmation is still to come, but Jorge will replace Pedrosa as Marc's team-mate at HRC for the next two years


Farewell Pedrosa, welcome Lorenzo: the hypothesis that few would have bet on just a few days ago it to become reality. Two of the most successful riders in MotoGP will form a team that may well be referred to as a 'dream’. It's impossible to know whether Marc was thinking of Jorge when he stated he “wanted as strong a team-mate as possible” , but the Majorcan fits the bill perfectly.

Just as the places in factory teams seemed to have run out, Lorenzo and his manager have pulled a rabbit out of the cylinder, and it's pure gold. Jorge wont' return to Yamaha, where a factory bike with Petronas colours was waiting for him, but will embark on a new adventure.

Having proved he can win with the Ducati, he'll try to do the same with the Honda. If he manages it, he would be the first rider to win with three different bikes in MotoGP (if we count 500 too, the last rider to do so was Capirossi).

Not an easy path but definitely a fascinating one, because he will be face to face with the strongest rider right now, and riding the same bike. As for the weight of the pair, just consider how in the last six years Lorenzo and Marquez have taken all the MotoGP titles between them. A true battleship on paper then, and one to strike fear into any rival.

A pairing that promises sparks and one that now only needs the official stamp...


Translated by Heather Watson

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