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MotoGP, Iannone: Not being on the front row is irritating

Number 29 grumbles: "I made two mistakes in the first sector, for tomorrow a lot of us have the same pace. I didn't like the new frame"

MotoGP: Iannone: Not being on the front row is irritating

Fourth place is the position par excellence that creates the most regret and grumbling in the world of motorsports, and today Andrea Iannone was in this position. In fact, after being first in several sessions, number 29 was unable to take home a spot on the front row that seemed to be within reach for him. Looking at my ideal time and then seeing that I’m not on the front row is irritating. I was unable to put together the perfect lap. I made a mistake in T1 with both tyres. In any case, we are starting from the fourth spot and we have worked well throughout the weekend.”

A new frame arrived for The Maniac too, but it did not convince him.

“I tried it but I won’t use it in the race because I didn’t like it. In general, we tried to improve the bike in certain aspects, but we were unable to do so. This is a sign that we are at the limit and there was nothing more we could do.”

As for the race, the Italian lad has more than one concern.

“Managing the tyres won’t be easy tomorrow. We are not in bad shape, but the race is an entirely different matter. The temperature will be an important factor and the cooler it is, the better it will be for us. In any case, I know I have a good pace and I want to manage. A lot of us have the same pace: those who have the speed to overtake on the straight or at the San Donato will adopt one strategy, whereas there are others who will need to try not to let anyone else overtake them. I need to see who much I’ll struggle in terms of speed. I lose about 11km/h compared to the fastest rivals.”

One thing is certain: at Mugello, Iannone is a tough customer.

“I feel good and I have always done well at Mugello, but not only on this track. I think that I am a fast rider. I was not surprised at Vale’s pole position because I know how strong he is. He is in grand form and he continues to show it. There is plenty to learn from him.”

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