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MotoGP, Iannone: "After today, I have to call someone a moron"

The Maniac jokes: "After the changes over the last two years, you can't think that a rider just went from being good to being bad overnight"

MotoGP: Iannone: "After today, I have to call someone a moron"

In Andrea Iannone’s case, that’s exactly what happened! The Italian rider roared on Friday, doing the best time in both free practice sessions and riding his Suzuki to the front of the pack. You could not have imagined a better start.

I am happy enough with the day – number 29 began – We were able to get off on the right foot and that was important, because we are growing race after race with the bike, so when you get to Mugello, you want to express your full potential. I feel strong – he added – We are all very close, but we need to improve race and tyre consistency. In fact, I expect a step forward in terms of the electronics. Race pace? Good, but Sunday is what counts.”

Attention then shifts to Pirro’s accident.

“I was leaving pit lane and saw it happen – he recalled – He took a really bad hit. Fortunately, he is fine and I am happy for him. It isn’t easy when you fall at that speed.”

Speaking of the Italian’s crash, Petrucci said that that section is not exactly the safest for a MotoGP bike.

For them, who go 10-12 km/h more than us, that may be – he admitted – The bike already moves around enough for us. Here at Mugello I hold the speed record, but it can be done. It takes balls.”

Andrea explains further.

On other tracks, we reach high speeds, but we don’t have drops – he pointed out – A lot also depends on your line. I have a trajectory all my own here at Mugello, different than the other riders.”

Iannone finishes the first day in the lead and gets a little something off his chest.

I have to call some of you journalists morons – he joked – obviously in jest. Let me ask you something: how in the world can you not understand that when there are a lot of changes and maybe a manufacturer admits mistakes, it takes time? A rider who wins doesn’t just forget how to win overnight. Like I said yesterday, people talk too much. I have always said that in 2017 I didn’t have confidence, whereas today the situation is different and the results show that.”

The separation between Suzuki and the Italian certainly arrived when The Maniac is in his best form.

“If I think about it, I just get more pissed off. By now, it’s a done deal and there is nothing more that can be done – he said – I tried to do my best straight away, taking my part of the blame and paying the price. In any case, I know that I have talent and at the same time the skills to give indications. Anyway, I’ll start over again to improve.”

The last comment is about the race.

We have to keep our feet on the ground, partly because it will not be easy to improve once we have arrived at this point. However, we need to take a small step forward. Unfortunately, I am unable to manage the bike as well as I would like to coming out of turns, so we need to figure out if we can make the Suzuki more calm and stable with the material we have.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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