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SBK, Dall'Igna: "The aim is to confirm Davies and Melandri"

The Borgo Panigale engineer: "We've already started to talk with the riders. The Panigale V4? It's proved to have a great engine"

SBK: Dall'Igna:

There's MotoGP, but there's also Superbike. Gigi Dall’Igna therefore took the opportunity to spend the weekend in Imola, working with riders Marco Melandri and Chaz Davies. For now, their future is still up in the air.

We've started talking with the riders, but for now we've not come up with an answer. The plan is to continue with them, because continuity is the most important thing. With respect to MotoGP, the Superbike situation is definitely simpler.”

Then there is the matter of the V4 with a view to 2019. When will Marco and Chaz test it we wonder.

We haven't discussed it yet. We'll talk towards the end of the season, a lot will depend on the results and the consistency. I think we're on the right path in terms of bike development”.

Pirro also made an appearance this weekend.

Michele is a test rider for Ducati but his work focuses solely on MotoGP, where he also competes as a wildcard entry. As for Superbike we have Zanetti, and if it was only up to me, I'd be keen to involve him in the 2019 project.”

As for the Panigale V4, Dall’Igna prefers not to give too much away.

We're continuing with the development work, but I can say that feedback regarding the engine is already positive”.

One of the positives of the Imola round is a Marco Melandri who appears to have resolved his stability issues with his bike.

I think we've seen a step forward, but I hope to be able to say, in a few races' time, that the problem has been completely resolved. His weight and riding style definitely have a bearing, in the coming rounds we'll see how things are going".

Then there is the matter of a third bike

We're talking, I think Michael has done very well so far. It's difficult to say whether we'll have three bikes on track. We're discussing it with Aruba. Our goal is to guarantee a budget that allows us to fight for the title”.

His last comment regards Ducati's commitment on track.

“i'd like to increase the cooperation between MotoGP and Superbike. We have some of the Pramac team here at Imola, lending their support. The same went for Aragon”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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