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A statue for Nicky Hayden in Owensboro

It will be inaugurated in his home town on 8 June, the following day to be proclaimed Nicky Hayden Day

News: A statue for Nicky Hayden in Owensboro

A statue of Nicky Hayden will be unveiled on 8 June in Owensboro, the American champion's home town. The bronze monument, created by sculptor George Lundeen, was commissioned in collaboration with the City of Owensboro.

“Nicky left us just under a year ago, and we still miss him every day - said his brother Tommy - We appreciate the support that his fans have given our family during the past 12 months, and we look forward to seeing many of them as we unveil this beautiful tribute to Nicky. We would like to thank the City of Owensboro for their support on this project. Nicky loved this city and took great pride in representing it in a positive way, so it's appropriate that he'll be memorialized here.”

The statue represents Nicky as he celebrated his win at Laguna Seca in 2006. The unveiling ceremony, which will take place at 5.30pm onn 8 June, in front of the Owensboro Convention Center, will also see the following day, 9 June, proclaimed as Nicky Hayden Day. A date that the Americans write as 6/9, a clear reference to 69, the race number used by the Kentucky Kid.

Translated by Heather Watson

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