MotoGP, Francesco Guidotti fractured: Le Mans at risk

The Ducati Pramac team manager has broken tibia and fibula by doing Motocross


To go with the lame you learn to limp, recites a famous saying. In the case of Francesco Guidotti, a good amateur cross-member, there is no need. He, manager of the Ducati Pramac team, is a racer 'inside'. The result is the tibia and fibula fracture of the left leg.

He gave us the (bad) news via Facebook: "Here's the 'chicken', see you at Mugello".

Grand Prix of France at risk, therefore. But also not: a light scotchcast, two crutches (surely he already has them at home) and off to Le Mans. Otherwise you can see yourself at Mugello, of course!

Good healing Checco.


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