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MotoGP, Monster considers Suzuki with Lorenzo as rider

The energy drink, cast adrift by Tech 3, is pushing Lorenzo towards Hamamatsu. Trouble between Bartholemy and Marc Van Der Straten

MotoGP: Monster considers Suzuki with Lorenzo as rider

Lorenzo would like to stay with Ducati but is moving ever closer to forming an agreement with Suzuki. It appears that Monster, no longer with Tech3 after the end of this season and one of the Majorcan's personal sponsors, is also involved in the proceedings.

This was not the only news circulating in the paddock during the Spanish Grand Prix. Another hot topic was the sacking of Honda Marc VDS team manager Michael Bartholemy by Belgian billionaire Marc Van Der Straten, part of the dynasty responsible for founding Stella Artois.

The reason behind this decision is allegedly a significant financial shortfall, something that will undoubtedly see both parties heading to court. In the short-term, Bartholemy will be replaced by Marina Rossi, his right arm as well as the girlfriend, interestingly enough, of Sam Lowes.

Translated by Heather Watson

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