MotoGP, Viñales disappointed: "Same sensations as a year ago"

The Spaniard is far from the best: "Today was the worst so far this year, unfortunately the M1 is too aggressive and I struggle to ride it"


Maverick Viñales had very different expectations when he arrived in Jerez. Instead, all it took was two practice sessions to put disappointment back in the Spaniard’s facial expression. His Yamaha struggles and the ninth best time of the day at an even nine tenths behind the leader is confirmation of that.

It is much more difficult that I had imagined – the Yamaha rider began – I think this is the most complicated day of the year. I am very disappointed because in Jerez I found the same sensations as 2017 – he admitted – Obviously I am not giving up since there is still time to work and improve the bike.”

Maverick then went into detail

Braking has improved – he analysed – but we struggle on turns, particularly going through the corners. Compared to Austin we are much slower, but staying focused and trying to find a solution for tomorrow is essential.”

Great disappointment shows on the rider’s face.

“My expectations were high after Austin – he admitted – Those who tested on this track definitely have an advantage. In fact, looking at the standings, they are much closer to the top. We just need to work.”

Going back to the Texan round, Viñales has no explanation for all these problems that he is facing.

It is very difficult to make a comparison between the two bikes – he pointed out – When the M1 is dialled in, I am able to be fast, whereas now we have problems, even in terms of the tyres, no matter whether hard or medium. In fact, in Austin I was able to go into corners and be effective – he admitted – whereas here I struggle, because the M1 is too aggressive. Before we only had problems with the electronics, now with grip too.”


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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