MotoGP, Roberts: Marquez-Rossi? a race incident

King Kenny on the clash in Argentina: "the track is narrow, conditions were difficult, almost inevitable that something would happen"


Despite a few difficulties, “I didn't have a pass and they wanted to throw me out”King Kenny Roberts was able to get through the gates and into the Austin circuit. The three-time 500 champion has flown to Texas to enjoy the GP and, naturally, to answer questions about the clash between Valentino and Marquez.

While many have pointed the finger at one or the other, the Californian remains neutral .

It was simply a race incident, at that track and in those conditions it was pretty much inevitable” he comments.

Things happen, as far as Kenny's concerned, perhaps more now than once upon a time.

I think the prize up for grabs is bigger than it was in the past and so you have to deal with that. Also, tyres have improved, the bikes have improved and in Argentina the track is narrow: sometimes these things happen, but I don't think it's a big problem”.

Roberts doesn't blame Marquez, not even for his behaviour on the grid.

“Things happen. I think that, after what's gone on, everyone will wake up and pay more attention” he concludes.


Translated by Heather Watson

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