MotoGP, Pedrosa: being correct brings no benefits

"It's inexplicable that Zarco wasn't penalised". He will attempt to race at Austin: "it's the hardest track at which to try, I don't know what will happen"


The doctors have said that Dani Pedrosa can try to race at Austin, not such a clear-cut decision considering he only underwent surgery to his right wrist a few days ago. The injury was the result of a risky pass by Zarco at Termas de Rio Hondo. A move for which Johann received no penalty.

There's not a lot to say about what happened in Argentina, the situation is clear. It's inexplicable that Marquez was sanctioned but not Zarco, but it's not a decision we can do anything about” comments Dani in Texas.

The Honda rider is one of the most correct, both in his actions and his words, a quality that doesn't appear to pay in MotoGP.

Riders can say one thing or the exact opposite depending on whether the situation regards them or not. It's Race Direction that must decide but we've seen that it makes different decisions when faced with the same situations and that's a problem. I can only say that those who try to ride correctly have no benefits”.

A sad but unfortunately true conclusion, but Dani has bigger problems to deal with right now, starting with the pain factor at Austin.

I'm here to try and ride on Friday and understand if I'm able. The operation went well, I feel some pain but want to verify my condition on the bike. I know it will be difficult, this is one of the worst track to try this at, but tomorrow I'll know more about my condition”.

He hasn't had much recovery time.

I haven't been able to do much, I've only worked to regain mobility and reduce the inflammation. I'm ready anyway and we'll see. The first goal is to get on the bike and then see what happens, I haven't been able to try riding in recent days, there wasn't time”.

What does he expect from the weekend?

I don't know how likely it is I can race, first I have to try and ride and understand my sensations and my performance”, he concludes.


Translated by Heather Watson

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