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MotoGP, Miller: "We riders risk our lives, taking sides is stupid"

Jack: "I want to remind you of what happened in the past between Simoncelli and Pedrosa, life is short, there's no point creating drama"

MotoGP: Miller: "We riders risk our lives, taking sides is stupid"


Jack Miller might not have won the Argentina GP, but he was definitely one of the protagonists. Impossible to forget his pole, on slicks in wet conditions. During Thursday's press conference, events at the South American round took centre stage.

And this is where the Pramac starts from: “We need to accept battles on track but these remain solely on track, without bringing it all to the media, also because the journalists often try to ask the riders things to create attention. We shouldn't manipulate reality, I think race direction did the right thing on this occasion. He then jokes: "Finding myself alone on the grid, it was like I farted and everyone else ran away. Race direction had to deal with a lot of pressure”.

Miller then turns serious: “I want to remind everyone of what happened with Sic and Pedrosa and how it ended. In this situation, I see many people taking sides and hoping for a battle between the riders on track. This is stupid, because we risk our lives here and I remind you all that life is short. A phrase that saw those in attendance break out in applause.

He then speaks about the race: “In Argentina, I was under a lot of pressure, in the past I'd have struggled to cope with that.  During winter testing I lost confidence with the bike, but then rediscovered the right sensations at Rio Hondo. It was definitely a stressful race, in addiiton I couldn't understand why there was no-one behind me on the grid. A pity we missed the podium”.

The GP17 has definitely proved to be competitive, though the GP18 is a step ahead. “Dovi, Danilo and Lorenzo have greater control with the new bike, while I'm more wild. At times I give myself a fright. They are more consistent, perhaps I'm able to keep pace for a few laps, but then I start to struggle. I remember Dovi's performance in Qatar, mid-race it seemed like he was suffering too, but he was just playing. Personally, I don't know if we'll be able to achieve similar results, but we're definitely growing”.    


Translated by Heather Watson

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