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MotoGP, Marquez visits a Brazilian school for UNICEF

Marc spend a day with youngsters at the Mario Santalucia school in Diadema: "education is the most powerful driver for children"

MotoGP: Marquez visits a Brazilian school for UNICEF

Before heading to Austin, for the third GP of the season, Marc Marquez headed to Brazil, and the city of Sao Paolo.

The Repsol Honda rider visited youngsters at the Mario Santalucia school in Diadema, supported by UNICEF, and was moved by the experience:I'm really pleased to have met these kids, and it was great to spend time with all the students. Studying is important, I've always known that, but today I saw it for myself and think that the right to education is fundamental. All the world's children should have the opportunity to go to school and receive a quality education. I believe education to be the most powerful driver for any child".

But it wasn't all books: Marc and the students also danced to hip hop music, in a moment of educational relaxation, supported by the Materia Rima association that helps children to transform what they are learning into entertaining activities: the Materia Rima organisation received an award from UNICEF in 2015, thanks to its work over a 20-year period.

Despite the huge steps taken since the 90s, the legal right to study in Brazil is still conditioned by the country's many problems, which affect the most vulnerable: currently, 2.8 million children do not attend school and live in conditions of poverty. UNICEF is working to help the most vulnerable be able to go to school, involving other sectors, such as health and social welfare systems, with the help of ambassadors from the worlds of art, entertainment and sport.

Marc Marquez has collaborated with UNICEF since 2014, with various actions to raise awareness regarding children's rights in support of the #CierraUNICEF campaign, with the aim of raising the funds needed to teach and support young people.


Translated by Heather Watson

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