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MotoGP, Lorenzo: am I worth less? Yes, but I've won a title in the Marquez era

"I've been the only one capable of winning a title in the Marc era." Winning with the Ducati is an obsession

MotoGP: Lorenzo: am I worth less? Yes, but I've won a title in the Marquez era

While presenting his new book“Lo que aprendì hasta los 30” (“What I've learned before 30”), Jorge Lorenzo also spoke, albeit briefly, about what happened at the Argentina GP and his situation in Ducati.

“I've only come to talk about my book. The controversy between Marquez and Rossi simply doesn't regard me. It's a matter between them. These things happen in racing anyway, there are disagreements, there's always someone who doesn't get on with someone else. I'm sure what happened in Argentina will soon be just a memory and an anecdote”.

He also gave us something on his difficult apprenticeship with Ducati.

“Being able to ride it is an obsession and it is for this reason that I've changed my preparation, modifying my diet and the number of hours I train. Right now these efforts are not being rewarded with results, but I have no doubt that I'll soon be able to win It's just a matter of time. The aim is to win a race and if possible the title. This year has started badly but the championship is long and, as we've seen, anything is possible in MotoGP”.

Not even the inevitable question regarding his salary was able to embarrass him.

I am well aware that my value right now is less than it was two years ago, but the world knows what Lorenzo is capable of when he rides a bike. After all, I'm the only rider who's been able to win a title in the era of Marc Marquez”.

Jorge also touched on comments he made to Movistar concerning his team-mate Andrea Dovizioso .

“In reality nothing has changed between us. I said what I said in that interview, answering a question that was significant in terms of what had gone on before. To understand the answer, you need to know exactly what had happened before”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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