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MotoGP, Ezpeleta 'summons' Rossi and Marquez in Texas

A face to face between the Dorna CEO and the two riders in Austin: "Valentino is angry, Marc frustrated, post-race wasn't the time to talk"

MotoGP: Ezpeleta 'summons' Rossi and Marquez in Texas


Following the events of the Argentinian GP, Carmelo Ezpeleta has decided to take the situation in hand and put an end to what might become a long battle, not just on track, between Valentino and Marquez.The Dorna CEO has confirmed that he will speak with both riders in Texas.

"I will talk to the riders in Austin, on Friday in the Safety Commission and we'll discuss everything there. I want both to participate, Marquez is always there, Rossi almost always”.

Ezpeleta want to calm things down between the riders and reach an understanding, a necessary step in order to restore normality in light of a situation that has got out of hand.

"Rossi is very angry and Marquez feels frustrated, I understand both. I haven't spoken to either yet, it isn't the time. The psychological aspect is important and has to be respected".

The highly-anticipated meeting will take place in a week's time at Austin.

Translated by Heather Watson

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