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SBK, A scare for Mahias: frightening accident, I'm lucky

Terrible car collision for the Supersport champion and two team GRT members: "It could have been worse, I want to get back in shape quickly"

SBK: A scare for Mahias: frightening accident, I'm lucky


The last few days Lucas Mahias spent in Thailand were rather difficult. After a clash on the last lap with Randy Krummenacher who decisively snatched what would have been his second victory of the season, a second and worse blow arrived for the World Supersport Champion that could have had dramatic consequences.

Behind the wheel of a car in the Buriram area, Mahias had an accident with an oncoming car. The blow was devastating and both the rider and the two team GRT Yamaha mechanics who were in the car suffered an incredible, but thankfully not fatal impact:Luckily, I’m fine. I don’t have any serious problems – Lucas reassures everyone – I just have a bit of pain in my head, but that’s normal, considering the severity of the accident, which was really impressive.”

A professional rider can anticipate certain situations in the race and athletic focus, combined with the high adrenaline, relieve and anaesthetize thorny situations and high speed crashes. Nevertheless, on the public roads, sensations are much different, because anything can happen unexpectedly: In fact, I was very frightened – he admits – but you know… that’s life. In this kind of traffic accident, I’m lucky not to have fractured anything or suffered any serious damage. The good thing is that I have no significant trauma and my mechanics are also okay. This is definitely a bad situation, but it could have been worse. Now I just need to rest, because I am already focused on the next race to win in Spain at Aragón, beginning to train straight away to get back into shape quickly.”

The number one Supersport rider will have about two weeks before getting back in the saddle astride his number 144 R6 on which he is striving to duplicate the title won in 2017.

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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