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MotoGP, Dovi's three wishes: another child, the title and...

"Coming second in the championship doesn't make me different. Being normal means staying humble, not easy when you reach a certain level"

MotoGP: Dovi's three wishes: another child, the title and...


If you were to find a magic lap, what would you ask the genie? We'll let you have a think and in the meantime, tell you what Dovi's three wishes would be. Andrea made the confession during an interview for Italian TV channel TV8.

Dovizioso replied: “a second child, the MotoGP title and the third... I'm not saying”.

So we remain in the dark as to his final wish, while we hope he can achieve the other two. While we don't want to get involved in family affairs, we can say that, with his win in Qatar, he's set the first stone in place for this first wish at least.

He came close already last year and Dovizioso is ready to fight, without lowering his guard or taking anything for granted.

Coming second in the MotoGP championship doesn't make me different from the others. I have done something special in this sport, but I'm still a normal person. Some riders, or other sportspeople who become famous, feel more important”.

And perhaps this is one of Andrea's greatest strengths.

"From outside I might appear more normal, but for me this normality means having my feet on the ground and being humble. It might sound banal but it's not easy to stay humble in sport when you reach a certain level”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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