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MotoGP, Petrucci against Aleix: He complains but he's unfair

Espargaró blocked Danilo in FP1: "Maybe he thinks that I use the MotoGP bike for a day out". On 2nd place: "I am under no illusions, but I am fast"

MotoGP: Petrucci against Aleix: He complains but he's unfair

Before talking about his 2nd place at just 6 thousandths behind Dovizioso, there is a topic that Petrucci particularly wants to discuss, just back from a (missed) meeting in Race Direction. In fact, the Pramac rider wanted to clear the air with Aleix Espargaró, who came out of pit lane in the first free practice session and sat in front of him at low speed while Danilo was doing a fast lap.

“It’s a pity that he did not come to Race Direction but he preferred going to Safety Commission – the Ducati rider recounts – In any case, I was able to talk to him and clear the air.”

However, the Spaniard’s defence left the Italian puzzled.

He said that he had seen me and that he thought maybe I was slower. Maybe he thought that I usually get on the MotoGP bike, have my girlfriend get on the back and go to the beach – he says sarcastically – In the first sector I had a yellow helmet. I was improving but then I found him in front of me.”

For this reason, along with the team, Petrucci decided to inform Race Direction who will take their decision on the episode tomorrow.

Anyway, I apologised to Aleix for giving him the finger for the rest of the lap - laughing - He made me angry because he is the rider who complains the most about unfairness on the track, asking to have this and that penalised, but then he is the first to do the worst things.”

After blowing of that steam, Danilo once again found his smile, moving on to talk about his day and especially about his speed.

I am happy. In the winter tests I almost never put the new tyre on. Today I did and it worked well – he said with satisfaction – I had never lapped so fast on this track and I was also close to the fastest even when I used the medium tyres. In fact, even with those ones I was in second place.

Plus, along with Dovizioso and Rins, they made the difference over the rest of the troupe.

A gap of almost half a second is positive. Will I shoot for pole position tomorrow? I am under no illusions and I prefer looking at the first two rows. I know how things go in MotoGP. A lot of riders will be baring their fangs he concludes.

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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