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Hamilton VS MotoGP: Barcelona better with the bumps

The Mercedes driver is critical after the track resurfacing: "A waste of money, it lost its character. It is a battle between us and the motorcycle riders"

MotoGP: Hamilton VS MotoGP: Barcelona better with the bumps

It’s the same old story: when the Formula 2 drivers and MotoGP riders have to share a track, they can never agree. It usually has to do with run off areas, with the drivers preferring them paved in order to stop the car and the bikers want gravel which, in the event of a sliding crash, stops them before they smash into the walls.

In Barcelona, however, something completely different happened and Lewis Hamilton complained about the track resurfacing. Not because the job was poorly done, but to the contrary, now the track is now as smooth as a billiard table and the Mercedes driver doesn’t like it.

I don’t know why they did it. I think it’s a waste of money because the old asphalt characterises the tracks and if you make the surface smooth they lose their peculiarities - he said at the end of the tests at Montmelò - They have done this on other tracks too, often for MotoGP. It’s a battle: I love MotoGP, but they hate us because we create bumps and we hate them because they want smooth asphalt. Asphalt is like a house – an old one has more history.

Remember that there were Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing riders who asked for new asphalt on the Barcelona circuit, even threatening not to race if the work was not done. In fact, in January the entire old surface was removed and replaced with a new one.

However, no one had thought that a smooth track would not be appreciated by Formula 1, which was primarily responsible for the many bumps in the braking and acceleration sections. Lewis, on the other hand, made it very clear that he preferred the vintage look: “Now it’s easier to drive here.”

If we had known that F1 drivers like bumps so much, we could have made them happy by organising a few city Grand Prix races in one of our Italian cities. With so many potholes, bumps and valleys, Hamilton would have been in seventh heaven.

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