Moto3, Martin: I'm the favourite? We all race to win the title

The Spaniard reveals: "After the injury I decided to stay in Moto3 where I think I will complete my path this year. I want to win as many races as possible"


Do you want to know if and how much a win can change the mind of a rider? Well, Jorge Martin is the one to keep your eye on in the impending season. Indeed, because last season’s king of pole positions, no less than nine, took his first win in his last possible chance at the Valencia race, for the best possible conclusion to a season which, without the serious accident on the Sachsenring, perhaps would have ended differently. “I think that we are a very strong team – begins number 88 – since Fabio also worked very well in the tests and is fast.”

Last year you impressed everyone with your speed on the flying lap

“I hope to do it again this year. Already in the tests I started with the race tyre and on the first lap I did excellent times, so I think that with the qualifying tyre I can improve by those three or four tenths that I need for Qatar (laughing).”

In the race, on the other hand, at times you did not reap what you deserved…

“I want to improve in the race finale and generally in terms of race strategy, since I was often fast but unable to achieve certain results. On the bike I need to focus in braking which is truly fundamental in Moto3, and I think that we have already improved compared to last year.”

However, many have you as the favourite…

“I don’t care about that. The goal is to win as many races as possible, trying to draw from the results of the last three races from last year. Then maybe we’ll be able to think about the title. We’ll be able to draw the first conclusions at the mid-season point, although it is obvious that we are all on the track to win the title.”

You were very fast in the tests

“We worked toward finding a good base for all the circuits, improving the one from last year that was already positive, and I’d say we succeeded. We focused on the race, but despite that I did some good times. I think that already from the next test we’ll do both a race and a qualifying simulation. In general, I feel ready and pumped up to improve on the result from last year.”

A season like last year could even open the door to Moto2 for you…

“I think about that a bit, because I think that my path in Moto3 will end this season. Last year I didn’t know whether or not I would have made the leap this year, but after the injury I decided to stay in Moto3 to really do my best.”


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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