Moto3, Di Giannantonio: I want to live one session at a time

The Roman has clear ideas: "There will be time to think about bigger goals. The first thing I need to improve on is qualifying"


Fabio Di Giannantonio has changed a lot since his début in the world championship. Obviously, the most evident change at first glance is the physical one, with quite a few centimetres to distribute in the saddle and a parallel diet to follow, but when you have the chance to speak with him, you also discover the mental change that came thanks to the experience he has developed in two years of Moto3 where he undoubtedly generated some buzz about himself thanks to an innate speed (especially in the race) and various podiums. “Last year, everyone thought immediately about big goals - Fabio begins - as often happens when a rider brings home good results, but the truth is that we had some difficulties. Especially at the beginning, both because I was coming off an injury and because of some problems with the bike where I lost a lot of points. Overall, the season was good because I was often with the leaders and I was pleased with my growth and that of the team.”

Consequently, how are you approaching this new season?

“I want to truly think race by race. Right now I am only thinking about the next tests, not even Qatar. I want to focus on doing things properly in every single session. There will be time to think about bigger goals.”

Then let’s talk about the tests you just did...

“In Jerez things went very well because I felt very good. We concentrated on the bike without putting on qualifying tyres, but despite that we were fast even for a series of laps, so for now everything is positive. In the next test the new engine will arrive which will certainly change some aspects.”

Where would you like to improve technically and personally?

“First and foremost, I need to think about qualifying where I am a disaster; starting at the back does not help me. To the contrary, it complicates things because in making up positions you can make mistakes that ruin everything. Technically, I am concentrating on the front end which was often a problem last year, whereas up to now I am feeling much better with it.”

Do you think that Honda has a small advantage over KTM?

“I don’t think so, not even last year. I think that the bikes are very similar, only the way you ride them changes. KTM took a leap forward in the last test that Honda will need to take in the next ones.”

Do you think the centimetres you’ve gained in height could limit you?

“I’ve heard a lot of riders complain about height, but I don’t think it is that much of a bother. To the contrary, I think a few more centimetres helps control the bike. I don’t feel limited in the saddle, but obviously being a metre ninety wouldn’t be the greatest scenario.”

Who impressed you the most in the tests?

“A lot of Honda riders were fast, first and foremost Canet, Jorge (author’s note: Martin) and Bastianini, but also some with KTM. We’ll wait to see if something changes with the new engines."

Do you think at all about Moto2?

“I don’t think about Qatar, say nothing about Moto2 (laughing).


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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